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What Should I Expect to Pay for Interior Design Services?

Not every case is the same, so some designers are design firms might not fall exactly to the info below. Please know that you are not only paying for the design professional’s time and talent, you are also purchasing her extensive product knowledge which will prevent you from making costly mistakes and the relationships she has developed with craftsmen, vendors and workrooms which will optimize your budget. Although these are intangible, they are extremely valuable.

Complimentary Initial Meeting: Interior designer/client interview, presentation of portfolio. Common that there is a fee for scheduling this meeting - all designers are different.

Design Phase: Can be billed as a flat fee or at an hourly rate.

Implementation Phase: If client wishes to go beyond the design phase and implement choices made during the design phase, purchases are billed at retail price. No hourly rate is billed, in addition to retail price, once implementation phase begins, unless changes are being made to the design phase.