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When it comes to remodeling projects in your home, there are a number of factors to consider before getting started. The first one is why you want to remodel in the first place. Are you planning on remodeling for an increase in home value or is it for your own enjoyment or needs of your family for added or more functional space? The next question to ask is how long do you plan on living in the home? Are you going to be there long term or will you be moving within the next three or so years? The answers to these questions will help you plan your remodeling projects and decide on where to begin and how much money is wise to invest.


One of the top remodeling projects for enhanced function and enjoyment as well as a high potential return on investment is kitchen remodeling. According to the National Association of Realtors a minor kitchen remodel will average a return of 72.8% and a major kitchen remodel will return on average 68.7% of the investment when the home is sold. Additionally, a